We are constantly in need of new systems to test and develop HPVM on. Fortunatly these systems need not be the latest and greatest. Here is a list of systems that are the highest on our priority list:

Note: SMP systems are perfered, so that we can do SMP and single proc development on once machine at one time. However, anything is better than nothing. Some will notice that SGI is rather high on the list. This is because of the fact that these systems are falling rapidly in price (at least the Indy/Indigo2 class). If HPVM could be ported to these platforms, it would overcome the biggest hurrdle in making these systems useful to the "common man".

For SGI systems 100mhz is about the slowest that can be used

For all other machines 200mhz is where they begin to become useful. And the more RAM the better.

Most systems will probably have a linux version developed on them first, but if they include an OS as well, it will also be developed for as time allows. Unix style OS will have fast porting times (e.g. Irix, SunOS, MacOSX, etc.), while some other OS (MacOS9, Windows for IA-64) could take longer. For console systems (Xbox, Playstation2, GameCube) Linux will probably be the only supported OS unless we can get a hold of some native development tools for them.